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What better way to share a love for typography than to bring a collection of designers, typographers and illustrators together to share their work? The show, which launched February 20th, has brought a diverse range of talents together, all with typographical work specifically created for the event.

A typography exhibition with work by Charles Williams,  Andre Beato, Tiago Pinto, Koby Barhad and Zohar Koren selected by the curator of the book club Liat Chen.

MeatyBullArtwork by Charles Williams

Charles is an image-maker based in London; his work includes typography, infographics, portrature, and illustration, with a coherent aesthetic underlying everything he does.
He has a graphic, precise approach to his work. He likes to work with shapes, looking at how they can interact with each other in interesting ways, and how the smaller elements work together to form a bigger picture. Much of his work is focused on typography, though recent work has shown him applying ideas developed in type work to other subject areas. His handmade works are evolved from working digitally. Having spent years using digital tools to replicate real elements – vectors, shadows, textured surfaces etc – his intricate handmade pieces work the other way; using real elements to mimic a digital aesthetic.

Charles is going to make two new pieces especially for the show, the pieces are typographic explorations of the cliched language of work.
Charles: I’d like to create something intriguing and beautiful from these universally-despised idioms.

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Andre Beato NeonArt work by Andre Beato

André Beato is a Graphic designer born in Lisbon base in London, studied Graphic Design at IADE (Instituto de Artes Visuais eMarketing) in Lisbon, were he graduated with an MA on visual culture.

You have probably seen some pieces of André Beato’s work while surfing the internet. Published on a lot of graphic design blogs and books. He approaches typography with a clever sense of humour while usually adding to the mix a nice touch of illustration. His work is mainly vector based, but it is easy
to find a great attention to detail and to the actual drawing process. Influenced by all things 80′s related, from music to graphics, movies, pop culture and graffiti, André brings us his unique style: an amalgamation of illustration with tasty typography.

Along with 3 prints, Beato will be presenting “Stay puft” a neon work, his most innovative piece so far, taking his fresh approach on typography into a very traditional medium.
All the pieces he’s presenting show his style as an illustrator but also how to look at type in a fun way.


Is an Israeli upcoming conceptual graphic designer working in London and Tel-Aviv. Koren’s work creates a multicultural discourse by using his graphic skills. His work walks the thin line between design and art as he puts complex subversive content in his design forcing the viewer for a second reading.
Koren’s everyday work shows a variety of books, printed matter and complex identities for galleries, museums and upcoming artists.

Koby Barhad  London based Designer and Researcher (MA, Design Interaction RCA, London) working around the relations between accessible technology and cultural trends. He took part in various design researches such as “The Future of Writing” (Mircosoft Research, 2011) and his works has been published in such places such as Wired magazine, Dezeen, MSNBC, The Guardian, Frame Magazine, Design Boom and recently won the output award 2013.

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Tiago PintoArtwork by Tiago Pinto

What is ‘Type Face’
The Type Faces project is a play on type. For me every font has a face, since they’re different from each other they kind of have their own personality. That’s how The Type Faces project was born, starting with the Futura’s good looking mid-life man, the Italian Bodini with a fashionable mustache, the sad Courier New and the not so handsome Comic Sans.

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