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May 2012

In Lau’s collages and prints, the distorted and disturbed form of the head or body parts are cropped and merged into works of contradicting states of calmness and unrest. These depict the alienation of the soul, much like the state of minds of the protagonists illustrated in the books, La Nausée and L’Étranger. Lacan’s mirror and Plato’s cave are also featured in his work; a representation of how slight and trivial the existence of man is. Lau’s art is always an attempt to pursue the notion of art, as the science of freedom. Through it, he explores how to induce an alternative state of awareness.

Lau’s collaborative video project, 体[Tai²] (Body), co-directed with Ka Wah Liu and Ken Ngan was screened for the first time at the exhibition launch. The short film portrays a narcissistic man who is struggling in a tangle of clay-like material. The intense film is a comment on body modification. The exhibition also displayed a slideshow of a man dressing himself, documenting the process of a body dressing in its own shadow.

Before pursuing his studies in London, Lau worked for more than five years in Hong Kong as an art director and graphic designer, creating album covers, books, and posters for various theatres, concerts and exhibitions. Lau’s work has been featured in the upcoming Visual Magazine found by James R. Henderson as well as various digital magazines such as EMBROSYST (#9) and Bestia Mag (#12).