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August 2010

Faris Badwan, frontman of  The Horrors, presented an exhibition of his drawings, artwork and projections. A former student of St Martins College of Art, his unique artwork has adorned the sleeves of  The Horrors records, t shirts and fanzines. He has also created sleeves for records by Hatcham Social and The Charlatans. The show featured one hundred original pieces for the very first time and follows his show in Bristol and the exhibition at The Bodhi Gallery on London’s Brick Lane in 2007. Cited by the NME as the most exciting British band since the Sex Pistols, The Horrors released their debut single ‘Sheena Is A Parasite’ in April 2006 which was accompanied by the infamous Chris Cunningham video starring Samantha Morton. The debut album ‘Strange House’ followed in March 2007 and the band played tours and every major festival all over the world over the next eighteen months.

The follow up to their debut, the Barclaycard Mercury Prize nominated ‘Primary Colours’, was recorded with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and was released on XL Recordings in May 2009. The album was critically acclaimed across the board, culminating with the award of the NME’s  ‘Album of The Year’.

“What I wanted to get across with this exhibition was how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or supermarket receipts, to the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.” Faris Badwan

“Faris sketchbooks are a self contained and private, little universe… I love the craft and detail plus they make me realise how similar we are – I spent my life (until I got into film making) drawing rather then talking to people.” Chris Cunningham

“For a bloke that doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t half draw loads”. Geoff Barrow, Portishead