8am – 12pm Monday – Friday
and 10am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday 

Greek yoghurt, forest fruit compote & blossom honey  £5

Thick porridge oats, brown sugar, cinnamon & forest fruit compote  £4.5

House recipe granola & muesli w/ milk or Greek yoghurt & forest fruit compote  £5

Buttermilk pancake, banana, strawberry & maple syrup ­ £5   add crispy bacon  £6.5

Pesto scrambled eggs, brioche toast, Parma ham & roasted cherry tomatoes  £8

Avocado w/ lime & red pepper flakes on brown toast  £5   add crispy bacon  £6.5

Scottish smoked salmon & scrambled eggs w/ brown toast  £8.5

Double back bacon or sausage sarnie on white farmhouse bread  £4.5

Full English: pork sausage, back bacon, eggs any style, tomato, baked beans, mushroom, toast  £8.5

Veggie breakfast: tofu sausage, hash browns, eggs any style, tomato, mushroom, baked beans, toast  £8

Fresh seafood caught from sustainable sources supplied by J Bennett & James Nash & Son of Billingsgate, London

All of our eggs come from happy free range hens