Monday-Friday  8am-11.45am

Porridge or Pancakes
Pecan praline, banana, blossom honey and blueberry compote  £6

House made baked beans
Fried eggs, black pudding and chargrilled sourdough £7.5

Potato hash
Caramelised onion, feta, scrambled eggs, roasted vine tomatoes and dressed roquette  £8

Full English
Eggs, house beans, roasted vine tomatoes, roasted Portobello mushroom, sausage, thick cut bacon and toasted sourdough  £9

Eggs Benedict
English muffin, ham, hollandaise sauce, poached eggs£7.5

Eggs Royale: English muffin, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, poached eggs £8.5

Eggs Florentine
English muffin, spinach, hollandaise sauce, poached eggs £7.5

Avocado on toast
Avocado w/ lime & sumac served on toasted sourdough, 2 poached eggs and a choice of smoked salmon, bacon or Portobello mushroom £8.5

Avocado £3
Smoked salmon £3
Sausage £2.5
Bacon £2.5
House beans £2.5
Portobello mushrooms £2.5

All our eggs come from happy free range hens.

Fresh seafood supplied by J. Bennett & James Nash & Son of Billingsgate London.  Caught from sustainable sources.

All items may contain nuts, nut derivatives, seeds, gluten or other allergens.