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A Landscape of the Mind by Kanitta


A Landscape of the Mind, Kanitta’s first solo show at The Book Club in London, features a series of art works which examine the way in which we project our own psyche onto nature and landscape.

In this series, delicate paper cutting becomes an excision, revealing a glimpse of an internal landscape. The viewer is invited to dwell within layers upon layers of thought, as the artist unravels the secrets that lie beyond the human physical exterior, through collage and image reconfiguration.

Highly emotional, these multidimensional pieces emphasise the artist’s signature use of flora and fauna to illustrate grief, longing, love and passion; creating a dialogue on organic forms and the representation of human psychology. The Victorian age has a large presence in Kanitta’s work, as it references and features decoupage and 19th century etchings.

Also featured in this exhibition is her latest exquisitely crafted piece in collaboration with Pomme Chan (, the widely acclaimed illustrator, in which Pomme’s unique drawings are vividly depicted in Kanitta’s delicate cut-out replicas of inspiring floras.

“Kanitta elicits emotion with image, the way poets hope to with words. As in much eastern philosophy, she embraces the cyclical journey of life, love, illness and death in a beautiful, spellbinding visual song.”
Michael Salu, Art Director at Granta publishing.

Originally from Thailand, Kanitta Meechubot graduated her MA in Illustration from Central Saint Martins in 2011 and now works as a freelance illustrator in London. Her recent exhibits include: Flora and Fauna: Narrative through Iconography at Lockhart Gallery, New York; Vision of Horror: A Salon at The Hospital Club, London (with Dinos Chapman); Xhibit 2011 at The Gallery at LCC, London.

To see more of Kanitta’s work: