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Paulina Otylie Surys


The Book Club is pleased to present an exhibition by up-and-coming photographer Paulina Otyle Surys In Absentia Lucis (meaning ‘in absence of light’). Creating sumptuous and often melancholic imagery, Surys’ unique take on fashion photography has truly established her as one-to-watch. Artworks from her collection, plus brand new pieces will be on display at her first solo London show.

Surys’ highly original photography draws on an extensive range of influences from all areas of art history. It is her interest in the old that fires her experiments into new artistic territories. Turning her back on modern digital manipulation and choosing compositions that recall classical art, her work has an air of symbolic mystery usually found in the great religious oil paintings.


Paulina Otylie Surys was born in 1979 in Poland and is a fine art and fashion photographer based in London. Paulina studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland where she developed her skills and her distinctive style as a painter. Following her studies, she discovered photography to be her preferred medium for its unique ability to capture a moment in time. She could, however, be considered a photographer, painter and art director in equal measure.

Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and on websites such as, VISION China, Vogue It, FIASCO, IDOL, VOLT, TALK Be., Ballad Of, DROME, The Ones 2 Watch,, Re-Bel, HONK, Fashion 156, 500 PHOTOGRAPHERS,, K-mag pl, Strand Gallery, Deluxx. Plus collaborations with Mother of Pearl and SHOWstudio.