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Ping Pong

The Book Club has always been London’s hub for ping-pongers. Grab a drink and get yourself a couple of bats and a ball from the bar. First come, first served… but don’t hesitate to challenge those on the table to a match! The table is free to use all day, every day.

We also have weekly Tuesday night competitions from 6.30pm-11pm. Entry is £5, with a first prize of £35 drinks voucher up for grabs; be king of pong and everybody’s best drinking buddy! And let’s not forget that being a number two is not to be frowned upon at King Pong, a £15 drinks voucher is ready for the second slot winner too.

Once a month the competition heads downstairs on a Monday night for a multi-table all-out competition. Check our Facebook for dates.

 The Book Club In House Rules

On service the ball must be behind the line and in an open palm; it must be tossed 6 inches or more in the air before striking. (The ball must be visible to your opponent at all times.)

Each player has two serves. Once the ball is tossed into the air it will qualify as a serve. A complete serve consists of the ball bouncing once on the servers side, clearing the net and bouncing once on the receivers side anywhere on the table. If the ball touches the net between the two bounces it is called a ‘LET’ and the serve must be taken again.

The player who reaches eleven points with a margin of two points is the winner. If a margin of two points is not met then a tie-breaker game will begin. A tie-breaker is when the two players gets one serve each until a two point margin is met to finish the game.

Once the ball hits the table you are in game, which means that you may not touch the table with any part of your body; The paddle must also be free from any hooking on clothes or head wear as one point will be awarded to your opponent if this occurs.