classic cocktails: Cosmopolitan

Discover our classic cocktails: Cosmopolitan

Discover our classic cocktails: Cosmopolitan

When you visit The Book Club – Shoreditch, you can choose from our bespoke cocktails, or if you prefer, one of the solid classic cocktails, including the Cosmopolitan.

This unmistakable bright pink liquid typically served in a martini glass may have had its origins in the late 80s but gained its popularity in the late 90s. The Cosmopolitan has had a rollercoaster existence in the booze culture, falling in and out of favour over the years. However, the Cosmopolitan was destined to be more than a cocktail du jour, making a significant impact on cocktail culture.

The Cosmopolitan’s blossomed from an 80s cocktail known as the Daisy. It was a tasty tipple favoured for mellowing the harsh flavour of the spirits. This classic cocktail recipe called for spirit, sweetener, and citrus. However, since vodka traditionally didn’t have much flavour, it wasn’t used much back then. Regardless, this drink with a “sour family” recipe structure became the foundation for the modern-day Cosmopolitan.

Another precedent of the Cosmopolitan was the Harpoon, created to market cranberry juice to adults. The recipe called for vodka, cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lemon. If it included sweet Cointreau, it would be a full-pedigree Cosmopolitan.

How that specific mix of ingredients shaken over ice and strained into a martini glass came into existence to claim its fame in the halls of classic cocktails is not clear. It gained popularity for being sweeter than a traditional martini while looking sophisticated. And so it was launched into the global spotlight by the HBO television series, Sex and the City.

However, as it rose to fame, detractors like Esquire contended that it had none of the alchemy necessary for creating a cocktail and was simply a mixed drink. And this simplicity also made it the bane of many bartenders and mixologists. Still, as craft cocktails started a new movement with small-batch spirits gaining popularity, the Cosmopolitan remains a reliable cocktail staple.

If you’re a connoisseur of classic cocktails, you’ll be pleased to know that The Book Club – Shoreditch still mixes Cosmopolitans as they were originally intended. So, join us and raise a toast to the creativity, to whomever it may belong to, that gave us the Cosmopolitan.

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