Martini Cocktails Shoreditch

Discover our classic cocktails: Versatile Martini

Discover our classic cocktails: The Versatile Martini

When you visit The Book Club – Shoreditch, you can choose from our bespoke cocktails, or if you prefer, one of the solid classic cocktails, including the versatile martini.

Iconic and sophisticated, martinis have been enjoyed for more than a century. Yet, never before in history has there been such a potent symbol of elegance and power as the martini. However, its potency stems not only from its delicate distiller’s extraction but also from its timelessness, as a symbol that has survived while so many have succumbed to nostalgia.

The classic ingredients of a martini will always reign supreme in the cocktail world. Even the most recent trends cannot replace its fundamental structure. The origins of the martini cocktail, like many legends, are debatable. According to some, its origins can be traced back to the California Gold Rush town of Martinez, where prospectors in the mid-nineteenth century were served an olive-garnished drink named after the town. However, the martini’s origin story is as murky as this classic is clear, but it’s a truth universally acknowledged that Bond, James Bond is the reason for its enduring popularity.


Choose Martini as unique as you are

Martinis can also be made in a variety of flavours. For example, a wet martini has more vermouth, whereas a 50-50 martini has equal parts gin and vermouth. Dirty martinis are typically garnished with a green olive and a splash of olive brine. And the perfect Martini contains equal parts sweet and dry vermouth.

Bond’s preferred martini is also called a Vesper martini, created in 1953 in “Casino Royale. Be warned; it’s quite a stiff one.

At The Book Club – Shoreditch, we offer the Pornstar Martini if you’re looking for something strong and sweet and the Espresso Martini for a bittersweet tipple.

Douglas Ankrah created the Pornstar Martini in 2002, apparently inspired by a drink Ankrah tried while visiting Cape Town, South Africa, at a gentlemen’s club called Mavericks. He wanted to create a bold, sexy, and playful drink. In an interview, he described the drink as having a very evocative and irresistible flavour. He decided to call it Pornstar because he imagined it would be something a pornstar would drink. When it comes to flavour, this martini combines vanilla and passion fruit with vodka and a side of champagne. However, bartenders tend to have their own recipes, often experimenting with rum and tequila. The Book Club – Shoreditch is a traditionalist. We mix it with Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Passoa passionfruit liqueur, passionfruit, orange, and a shot of prosecco.


Yes, More Martini Facts!

The Espresso Martini has a relatively short history in the cocktail world. The drink is believed to have been invented in the early 1980s by London bartender Dick Bradsel after a famous model asked him to make a drink that would “wake me up.” He decided to combine coffee and vodka because there was a coffee machine nearby. The original recipe, dubbed the Vodka Espresso, included vodka, sugar syrup, two types of coffee liqueur, and freshly made espresso. The Espresso Martini is the ideal after-dinner cocktail to serve as dessert after a big meal. And while it may remind you of Irish coffee, it’s even easier to make, with Absolut Vodka, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, espresso, and caramel shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, then strained into a martini glass. A perfect serve and classic at The Book Club – Shoreditch.

Whatever way you like your martini – shaken, stirred, sweet or neat – it will always have a place in society, where sociality, politics, and sophistication can all be summed up in a V-shaped glass with a twist of tantalising charisma.


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