London is empty. Everyone is either hiding from the sun, getting drunk in Marbella or headed to Fringe Festival. Our very own Jenna (Arts & Culture programmer) and Chloe (Head of Events and Marketing) are heading this Thursday to the world’s largest arts festival in Scotland. If you’re there too, make sure you follow their Instagram adventures on The Book Club page and check out 4 shows you can’t miss out:

  • Fuck You Pay Me – An anarchic, unprecedented and hilarious insight into the life of a stripper in London’s fast-changing cityscape. Tickets
  • Tamsyn Kelly: You’re Welcome – Does a story even exist if it’s not on Instagram? Tamsyn Kelly is a hilarious, fresh, new voice. And she’s going to use that voice to be heard. Tickets
  • Cat Loud: To the End of the World! – On the eve of the apocalypse, dusky vocalist and eternal wayward girl Cat Loud shares her unique blend of political satire, autobiographical confessions with live cello accompaniment. Tickets
  • Pernilla Holland: Pop Ditz – Pop Ditz is a contemporary clown and character comedy show about pop culture, obsessions and freedom of expression performed by one ditsy Norwegian. Tickets

By the way, go follow Jenna and Chloe on Instagram!