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The Book Club is one of the best bottomless brunch spots

The Book Club is one of the best bottomless brunch spots

Brunch has become a London institution and has been thriving in recent years, thanks to some of the city’s best restaurants starting to open earlier and serving brunch favourites on nearly every corner.

Why is it called brunch?

Brunch is a long-standing custom that combines the words “breakfast” and “lunch.” It’s upbeat, social, and stimulating, and its popularity has grown since the 1990s. In the last few years, you’ve probably been to or seen signs for brunch or its boozy cousin, bottomless brunch. And there are several places in London where you can indulge in the famous breakfast/lunch hybrid.

What is it about brunch that Brits adore?

Brunch’s ‘anything goes’ nature is one factor. Brunch menus, by definition, are diverse and typically have something for everyone. However, adding a glass of fizz has pushed them out of the pre-lunch time slot, and brunch is now something you can expect to see all day, like an upgraded all-day breakfast. In addition, food and socialising have become the adult equivalent of birthday parties, with all your friends booking one or more bottomless brunches a month.

Brunch – a timeless love affair

Brunch’s marriage to ‘later in the day’ menu items means that many breakfast favourites are no longer available. So, if you’re looking for toast or porridge, this is not for you. We may be biased, but The Book Club is one of the best bottomless brunch spots in London when it comes to the best boozy brunch.

Join the gang at The Book Club every Saturday for a bottomless brunch created to inject fun into your weekends. You’ll be served a welcome cocktail followed by bottomless prosecco or mimosas, accompanied by a tasty bottomless pizza main of your choice, followed by bottomless sweet dessert pizza. The DJ plays the best tunes throughout your brunch while the drag host serenades you with naughty entertainment like musical bingo, prizes, glitter artists and cheeky surprises.

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