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The layers of a humble gin and tonic

The layers of a humble gin and tonic

The gin and tonic is a timeless cocktail and one of the easiest to make. However, the origins of this ubiquitous drink are more complex than they seem.

A medicinal elixir

Legend has it that the gin and tonic was invented to encourage British soldiers and officials to take their quinine, a key ingredient in fighting malaria, a deadly disease back then. But the real story behind this effortless blend of gin and tonic water has a more complicated origin, with the English people being the only common thread.

The introduction of gin

The name “gin” comes from the Flemish “genever” and was discovered by English soldiers in 1580 during the Dutch War of Independence in Holland, where they nicknamed it “Dutch Courage.” However, another narrative traces the drink to a Dutch physician, Sylvius de Bouve, who invented a highly alcoholic medicinal concoction called jenever. This elixir was believed to improve circulation and cure various ailments. It is possible that English soldiers in Holland developed a liking for the doctor’s invention and brought the drink back to England.

On British soil, gin quickly became popular, and production began on a large scale, leading to a boom in gin consumption. This led Parliament to impose a tax on the drink, which caused riots in 1743 in response to the increase in the cost of gin.

The addition of tonic

The quintessential ingredient in tonic water is quinine, an anti-malarial alkaloid extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree. Initially, it was used to treat shivers during a common cold. However, during the 1850s, the English started settling in India with their families, bringing their favorite alcoholic drink, gin, with them. Malaria infection became a significant health concern, especially among soldiers, and taking quinine to fight the disease was unpalatable due to its bitter taste. Gin was added to tonic water to reduce the bitterness, making it more palatable.

As a result, quinine played a significant role in the global dominance of European power, and manufacturing tonic water to supply their colonies at risk of malarial fever and other conditions ensured their continued rule over the colonies.

The recent resurgence of gin and tonic

Gin has become more popular due to the craft spirits movement, gin’s versatility, and affordability. Craft distilleries have tapped into the science of creatively macerating botanicals to deliver unique flavors enjoyed worldwide. Not to be outdone, tonic water makers have experimented with aromatics and flavors that complement the new gins.

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