Past Show
Balance by Bartek Swiatecki
Bartek Swiatecki
Wed 23rd Mar - Sun 22nd May

After years of being a graffiti artist, and limited to lettering, Pener built his visual language into something universally communicative.
Developing the alphabet into surfaces, words became unpredictable shapes created with bright colors and sharp lines. While his work can be seen as a magnified element of wild style graffiti, upon closer examination they are much more than that.
Through use of clean lines, transparency of spray paint, drips and splatters, his works are focusing the energy and rawness of graffiti onto a smaller format.
The new genre under which his work fits is ‘Graffuturism’, and this series of work titled ‘Cosmogramma’ refers to the very moment when Bartek abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style.