Past Show
Frankys World
Velizar Dimchev
Thu 27th Nov - Sun 1st Feb

Franky’s World is a project by Velizar Dimchev, a visual artist actively involved in contemporary art. Born in 1983 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and now living in London, Velizar has an MA degree in Painting at National Academy of Arts in Sofia, as well as being a resident at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris 2007.

Franky is a fictional character with a black and white geometrised minimalist vision, illustrating the fall, the stress, the trap, and the global scheme, in which an otherwise unique individual, has been forcibly stuck-in by existential circumstances or by his own stupidity.

The project presents the modern man as a hostage to his own aspirations, falling into a number of social traps concealed by modern life (estrangement, meaningless shopping, routine working day, etc). Using this character as a basis, Velizar has the freedom, through different channels, to comment and to bring to the attention of the audience serious existential problems, often in an ironic way. With these works Velizar is dealing with the social and the psychological deformations of the modern man’s soul.

Velizar has been developing Franky in the last few years in various disciplines: paintings, animation, objects, installations, drawings, photographs and interactive installation. Over the past five years, paintings and objects of the Franky project were displayed in galleries in Bulgaria and Holland. Earlier this year some of them also participated in solo exhibition in UniCredit Studio – Sofia.