Past Show
Ugo Gattoni
Wed 16th Jul - Thu 17th Jul

Paris-based illustrator, Ugo Gattoni. Drawing immensely detailed, delicately rendered, surreal pictures, Gattoni has built himself an impressive reputation. His first exhibit in Paris was an enormous wall-sized drawing, 33 feet long and 6 feet high, rendered solely in black fine liner pen. Over on UK soil, he collaborated with fellow illustrator and has been working with McBess on a live drawing project for the prestigious Hayward Gallery. See the amazing detail in the work in this video.

Water For Elephants at The Book Club, features tropical fauna and flora, a long time passion of Gattoni’s, as well as showcasing his preferred use of Rotring pens, graphite and mask sculptures. Pieces from Bicycle will be on display as well as a bespoke mural painted directly to The Book Club’s wall. Special collaborations with Tyrsa, Jean Spézial and McBess will also appear in the exhibition.

All of the artworks from the show will be translated to t-shirts, hoodies, scarfs and even wood by the Dudes Factory and will be available to buy at the launch event.

Biography Ugo Gattoni grew up in Vitry-sur-Seine in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. He graduated from the EPSAA in 2010 and began to make his way in the world as an illustrator and artist. Since his first major exhibition at La Surprise, Ugo has been commissioned for work by clients including Nissan, Motorola, Wired Magazine, Sandro, Social Club (Paris), Nobrow Press, Caravan Palace, Wagram music, Dudes Factory, Qhuit, Commune de Paris, TBWA.