Past Show
The Jungle Book Club
Puck Collective
Thu 16th Apr - Sun 28th Jun

Get lost in the leafy undergrowth and howl with the wild beasts of Puck Collective’s The Jungle Book Club, an exhibition exploring the beauty of jungle fauna and proportional artworks that reflect the true size of the animals, from the great to the small.

Coming to The Book Club this April and branching across to their sister establishment, Stories on Broadway Market, The Jungle Book Club  will bring together Puck’s 32 member-strong line-up of illustrators, print makers, painters, potters and paper cutters to work on one collaborative showcase. Each artist will produce a design inspired by a jungle animal at a scale suited to said creature, resulting in a unique jungle adventure for you to explore.

In true Puck fashion, there will be a range of events, games and workshops at the ‘Puck Drawing Clubs’ that will enhance the experience and give you an opportunity to get involved with the spectacle. These will run throughout the exhibition so stay tuned for more info.

Puck Collective are:  Patch Keyes, Babycrow, Dan Stafford, Dilraj Mann, Alec Doherty, Marylou Faure, Michael Driver, Jack Taylor, R.E. Wilkinson, Helen Friel, Ryan Gillett, Stephen Maurice Graham, Adam Hartshorne, Colourbox, David Biskup, Mat Pringle, Eleni Kalorkoti, Alice Ferrow, Eliot Wyatt, Sam Esquire, Pippa Toole, Martin Kingdom, Pete Murgatroyd, Elliot Kruszynski, George Simkin, Lucy Kirk, Ruby Taylor, Jen Dionosio, Sam Baldwin, Margaux Carpentier, Holly Mills and Tess Redburn.

The exhibition has been directed by Liat Chen.