Past Show
Fri 8th Apr - Thu 1st Jan

Highly regarded French illustrator, McBess (aka Matthieu Bessudo) exhibited previously unseen canvas work, prints and 3D objects at The Book Club. His fascinatingly intricate work provides snapshots of his own experiences and is a contemplative diary of illustrative creations. The Folding Knife contemplates both current and childhood memories from which the title of the exhibition was born. A folding knife was a childhood keepsake of Matthieu’s and also reflects the detailed nature of his work. Don’t Panic commented on McBess ‘he’s so wonderfully French that he can make what would otherwise be freaky cartoon porn seem lovely and whimsical’.

A collection of his art from the last three years was published by Nobrow and The Book Club was lucky enough to have the original cover design adorning the walls. Having shown previously at galleries across the globe such as Issue in Paris and Nucleus in LA as well as having his art on the cover of Design Week, this French gentleman certainly has an exciting buzz around him.

McBess also invited artists and close friends who have inspired him, to create new works for the exhibition. In keeping with the McBess format, all pieces created were black and white.

Éditions Copains was founded in July 2010 in Paris, by two friends (Ugo Gattoni and Guillaume Singelin). They are most famous for their elaborate 10 metre illustration in which the characters are a minuscule 1cm each!

KOA works very much in the fantasy genre where monsters are masters and humans are slaves. Religious and occult symbolism as well as ghosts, flying fish and dwarf hip hop masters feature heavily in his art depicting a very tongue-in-cheek style. He is currently working on book, Sang Noir.

Michel Meier, Lisa Röper, Rita Füstenau, graduates of Arts and Design Kassel in Germany originally came together to create Rotolpress to publish their own art. Now they work as an independent publishing company to help unknown illustrators publish their work. They will each be creating one illustration for The Folding Knife.

Since 2008 Nicholas has been part of the illustration label TOY.