Sun 20th Sep

P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A: The Burden of Choice


P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A controversially takes one issue that is floating through popular culture, people’s minds and current conversations without perhaps being fully considered, examined, punctured, ‘popped’.

September’s P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A examines and observes how we live in an age of unprecedented choice. We will ‘pop’ the assumptions that underpin the ever-present and pervading logic that more and more choice is by default a good thing. Could it actually be a self-limiting burden?

With Zoe Cunningham  hosting and guess advocates including Marianne Cantwell and an expert from the Minimalist Movement, this P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A is set to be as controversial and stimulating as ever.

It’s a chance to participate, get your voice heard, meet like and opposite minded people and hopefully leave the room slightly altered in your assumptions from the way you entered it.

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Price: £5

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