Wed 11th Nov

SciBar: Dying To Be Beautiful


Science London’s Scibar is back, curated once again by the Art Necro team. 

Throughout history humans have sought to embellish and augment their physical appearance. As fashions change new contraptions, cosmetics and costumes are devised. There has often been little regard given to comfort and well-being when it comes to the body beautiful, and as this talk illustrates, some fashions can be fatal.

Dr Kathryn Harkup is a Chemist trained in York and Nottingham (degree and PhD) with more knowledge of phosphines and phosphorus NMR than is really healthy – anything you want to know about the effect of ring size on coupling constants, just ask. She flirted with the idea of research as a postdoc at York before realising talking about and demonstrating science appealed more than hours slaving over a hot fume hood.

Time: 7-10pm

Price: Free / £2

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