Wed 9th Sep



SciBar is back, curated once again by the Art Necro team. This month we have not one, but two excellent slices of science for you! First off we have Dr Ben Still, a particle physicist from QMUL who’ll be discussing the nature of quantum particles. The smallest things in nature obey the bizarre laws of quantum physics. Join Ben as we talk about the life and death of quantum things, and what they tell us about our understanding of the sub-atomic Universe.

Secondly, we’ll be hearing from Dr Thomas Millner, a pathologist at The Royal London Hospital. How do we die? It will happen to everyone, but death remains one of the most enigmatic parts of the human experience. What actually happens to the human body during death? Where exactly does death occur? How do doctors diagnose death? Tom will discuss the physical process of dying, from last breath to autopsy.

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Price: Free

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Thu 24th Sep

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